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  • Do I need to bring anything?
  • You may want to bring a small cooler with a drink, snack etc. If you did not bring any refreshments they can be purchased in our souvenir shop. Do not forget your camera, and bring your binoculars if like to check out the birds etc. We do provide blankets for your comfort if it is chilly. You may bring anything that you feel will enhance your experience.

  • Can I bring a pet?
  • Yes, the Captain’s dog Panda is 1st mate on the boat, so, as long as your pet is friendly with other animals, does not bark a lot and is on a leash, it is welcome to ride with you.

  • Will I see alligators or other critters?
  • Once the water gets above 55º it is possible to see alligators, but alligators on this lake are wary of people so they tend to stay away, however, we do sometimes see them. All critters are unpredictable so we are never sure what we will see.

  • Do I need bug spray?
  • Bugs are not usually a problem during the day, if you are allergic then I would bring it with you. At night it is a different matter. If you are taking a 6pm tour you might need it.

  • What if it rains?
  • A little rain does not bother us, we leave that decision up to you. If there is thunder and lightening in the area then the Captain will make the call as to whether it is safe to be on the water. If it is raining then you are most likely going to get wet. The boat is covered but the sides are open to the elements. If there is rain in the forecast, please, bring a rain coat with you. If you are caught out by the rain then we do sell rain poncho’s for $1. We monitor the radar at all times during inclement weather as your safety is our prime concern. Of course, if the tour is canceled due to weather then you will not be charged.

  • What about snakes?
  • There are snakes in Caddo Lake. We often see Water Moccasins swimming across the channel or up in the trees but they are not a problem on the boat. As with all snakes, common sense should prevail.

  • Do I need to wear anything special, like shoes?
  • No, just dress casual, we want you to be comfortable during your tour.

  • Can I smoke or drink alcohol on the boat?
  • Smoking is prohibited on the boat, however, you can drink alcohol. We do ask that you be discreet especially if there are children aboard.

  • What happens if the boat breaks down?
  • The Captain is in contact with the office at all times so if there is a problem with boat he will call the office for assistance. You will not be in any danger at all.