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About Captain Ron's Swamp Tours

Captain Ron Hollomon

Captain Ron II is a retired Firefighter from Longview Texas. He now resides in Jefferson and has been conducting tours for this Company for over 5 years.

Jean joined the company to run the office and take care of bookings in 2010 and remains with the company now. When the original Captain Ron retired, due to back surgeries, Ron Hollomon and Jean purchased the Company and continue giving you the best experience they can.

Ron is also experienced in EMT training so you know you are in good hands.

a man sitting in front of a fence

Caddo Lake History

According to Caddo legend, the lake was formed by the 1812 New Madrid earthquake. There may be some truth to the legend, as Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee was formed by that earthquake. However, most geologists think that Caddo Lake was formed, either gradually or catastrophically, by the Great Raft, a 100-mile (160-km) logjam on the Red River in Louisiana, that possibly filled the basin that the earthquake’s intense uplifting and shifting had created.

The channel was used by steamboats to reach the port at Jefferson until water levels fell after the removal of the Great Raft.

The water forest of Caddo Lake, Texas

Big Pines Lodge Restaurant

We work with Big Pines Lodge Restaurant to bring you the whole package: great swamp tours into the water forest aboard our swamp tour boat and a delicious meal before or after your tour. Big Pines Lodge Restaurant is a dining icon here on the Big Cypress and has been in business for over 50 years. We are proud to be working in conjunction with Big Pines Lodge Restaurant to offer you a memorable tour and dining experience.

Boarding from the Big Pines Lodge Restaurant allows us to operate regardless of low water levels or the spread of giant salvinia (a floating fern that can damage aquatic ecosystems). This partnership helps us provide a historically-narrated tour of the upper end of Caddo Lake.

We look forward to serving our passengers through the end of December.

Big Pines Lodge in Karnack, Texas