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The Captain's Table

Passenger goes into space

The Spacex that took off yesterday had this Cosmonaut on Board. Anna took off at noon yesterday on her way to spend 6 months of scientific tests aboard the Space Station. We are so proud that she chose to ride with us, it was a special moment meeting her. We wish her, and everyone else…

Cooler Weather

Fall is finally here and we are looking forward to some cooler weather in the coming weeks. We had a great, if not extremely hot, summer and also a very dry one. The lake is still very low and we are desperate for some rain. I don’t know if the dry weather is a contributor,…

Touring with an Astronaut (Cosmonaut)

What an honor to host an Astronaut (Cosmonaut as Russian). Anna Kikina came for a tour, she will be the first Russian Cosmonaut to ride SpaceX to the International Space Station. She was lovely and came with lots of friends and associates from the Johnson Space Center.  

Fun Groups

. What a lovely reprieve from the heat this rain has brought. Lets hope we get some more in the next few days, the lake is extremely low. We are still having a great time with our passengers, this group were a lot of fun. Don’t forget to book in advance to ensure your seating…

Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice Award 2022

Captain Ron and I would like to say a huge thank you to all who rode with us and took time to write a review. We appreciate all our passengers past, present and future.  

July Holiday

We took a pleasure cruise down the river in the week, at dark. It was so cool and peaceful. The river is very pretty at night. It is with great regret that we are announcing a price increase for our tours. Due to the current economic climate as related to the increase in fuel prices,…

Beat the heat

Well it looks like summer has descended upon us early this year. It is steamy hot around here. The coolest place to be, is on the water. The boat moves continuously to keep you cooler. We have a double top and umbrellas to protect you from the sun. I still recommend booking at least a…

Memorial Weekend

After a wonderful weekend we are now heading into Memorial Day. Just a very few seats left, so if you are wanting to tour I suggest you book on-line asap. We have 2 seats left at noon on Saturday and two and 2pm Saturday. Other than that we have a couple of single seats. We…

Captain Ron’s Swamp Tours would like to wish all Moms, near and far, a very Happy Mother’s Day. Another great photo from Kat Evans.  

Visit from a Native Caddo Indian Lady

We are very blessed today to have Teressa, a true Caddo Indian lady, and her Caddo Indian Grandson, ride with us. They are super people and it was a pleasure to meet them  

School Tour

We had a wonderful tour with Gary Endsley and his students from Jefferson High School. Gary often brings students to be educated on nature and the health of the water. We are full this weekend and are almost full for next weekend. It is really recommended that you book, at least, a week ahead. We…

After last weekends medical issue we are back and running. Full this weekend except there are a few places left on Sunday. We are praying the weather cooperates with us. The Cypress trees are finally starting to bud out so Caddo is about to bloom into all it’s spring glory. Come and see the changing seasons, each has its own beauty. Happy Easter to all our family, friends and passengers, past, present and future.