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a close up of a pond

I mentioned the unusual year we have had so far and now we are experiencing a rare occurrence in the area of the lake we usually take our tours. After the last rain we had a lot of run-off into Carters Lake and Carters Chute, there is also an abundance of Fall Webworms in that area too so the fish came up to eat and then there was an incidence of dissolved oxygen, the fish became trapped and died. The Gar and the Bowfin survived as they can come out of the water to take in air. As a result, the water turned black and there are a lot of dead fish floating on the top of the water. The smell is rather bad, and in combination with the worms hanging on webs from the trees, it is not a pleasant experience. We are now taking you into Pine Island Pond which is beautiful and as the sun sets behind the Cypress trees the moss appears to be golden. We have Storm Beta approaching this week so we are hoping it will wash out the worms and the dead fish so that we can return to normal. Nature can be wonderful but sometimes she is not so nice. There is no cruelty or compassion in nature, only survival. Please do not let this deter you, we will still show the wonder that Caddo Lake is, you will not be disappointed. I just wanted to educate you on things that happen in the swamp. I have lived here for 27 years and this is the first time I have encountered anything like it, I continue to learn. We hope to see you soon. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars.

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