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Fall at Caddo

Fall is almost upon us here in Northeast Texas and the Bald Cypress are just beginning to get a little color. The Cypress will brighten up more after our next cold front. Last year’s color change was unremarkable as we never got a good cold front during the early part of October, or for all of winter for that matter. It was a very warm winter and we paid for it this summer with a insect invasion, Love Bugs no less. Since the leaves weren’t prompted to turn color by a cold front they just turned brown and fell from the trees. Usually the Bald Cypress turn a sort of burnt orange which in mass is quite pretty mixed in with the oaks and various other species that turn colors in fall. Hopefully this year Mother Nature will not deprive us of our wonderful fall colors here on Caddo Lake. October is one of our busiest times of the year so please call ahead for reservations.

Capt. Ron

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