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Capt. Ron’s Swamp Tours has new guide

Hi Folks,

I am turning 67 next week and have decided to slow down a wee bit. I have hired Ron Holloman to do my tours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday allowing me a little more time to enjoy family, friends and my hobby of maintaining my beautiful tropical gardens. I will continue doing the tours on Saturday and Sunday, can’t help myself, love being back into the water forest. Ron Holloman, is a retired firefighter and is not only well versed on our local history, but like me, he has a love of our beautiful Caddo Lake. Ron comes to us from River Bend restaurant where he has been the manager for several years. We are happy to have Ron as one of our team and hope that he will be with us until the end. So come out and take one of our wonderful tours into not only one of the world’s largest water forest, but the most beautiful water forest as well.

Capt. Ron

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